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Paying off a Second Mortgage

Always try and repay a second mortgage as soon as possible. An important item you need to check, especially if you overlooked this at the time you applied for the second mortgage, is are there any early repayment fees. Often there are and these can be expensive. Sometimes they can be reduced by giving the lender prior written notice, but not always.

You can ring the broker, or the lender, if you dealt direct, and ask if any fees can be negotiated, your chances will be better if you have met all repayments on time and your loan is not overdue for repayment.

You must always be aware that second mortgages are at a higher rate and you must look for every opportunity to repay them. Do what you said you would do to ensure repayment / refinance, make payments on time, don’t borrow more money, put your house on the market, do what ever you have to do to make sure you repay on time or better still early!

If you have any questions about paying off or applying for a Second Mortgage please complete the form below or email solutions@nonbank.co.nz

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