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Refinancing a Second Mortgage

We receive a number of enquiries for help when either a second mortgage term expires or a borrower gets tired of meeting the extra repayments and believe that their financial circumstances have improved and it is time to refinance a second mortgage to consolidate debts. This may be because some bad credit issues have been repaid or dropped off their credit file history, or clients have re established a good loan repayment history and a period of good account conduct with their Bank. This may then allow the second mortgage to be refinanced back to a Bank and consolidated with a first mortgage at a lower interest rate.

Most second mortgages are refinanced back to a Bank or a Non Bank lender, to place them at a lower interest rate on a principal and interest basis.

Clearly it is in your best interests to repay a second mortgage quickly, so the exit plan is important. Always know your exit plan, how are you going to pay off an expensive loan? Often a second mortgage is a quick solution to a problem, but don’t let it become your next long term problem.

If you have any questions about refinancing or applying for a Second Mortgage please complete the form below or email, solutions@nonbank.co.nz

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